Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the easiest and fastest growing ways of shopping that is increasing rapidly with the increasing technology. It has changed the way people shop. Advancement in technology has revolutionized the traditional method of shopping. Development in the field of technology has given a boost to online shopping as now you can level up your business with your mobile phone in far flung areas and cities. It will increase the number of daily customers and can turn your business idea into 24/7 money making business.

Technology has done wonders. Similarly, it supports the business community by limiting the man work and creating ease for business. This tech has fulfilled the dream of online shopping as it has made shopping easy and simple. As now people can not only buy their favorite product by sitting at home but can also view all the latest and upcoming products with few clicks.

Benefits of online shopping are unlimited and unthinkable. One cannot imagine the vast benefits of online shopping which were the dream of people. But technology has turned all the dreams into reality via “Millegaa- Online shopping platform”.

Millegaa – An online shopping platform

Millegaa is a vast online business booster platform that acts as a bridge between the traditional business and the online business community. It has created easiness for the overall business community by spreading its wing all over Pakistan.

It’s time to up the level of your business with Millegaa!

Advantages of online shopping

  •  Sharply rise in the new customers and daily cash transactions
  •  Brand new products and variety reach the customers quickly and easily
  •  Online shopping allows people to shop at any time from their homes. As in online shopping, there are no off days and
      it provides services throughout the year
  •  The online market is an independent market and does not support boycott activities
  •  Online shops are open 24/7 allowing customers to shop whenever they want
  •  It does not require a sales force
  •  Saves the precious time of the buyer and the seller
  •  Advertises new products quickly and smartly via special ways
  •  Limited movement eradicates the distance between the buyer and the seller
  •  All the products of the world are available under one roof

Awareness regarding online shopping

All the business community does not have deep and extensive knowledge regarding online shopping. The ones who possess the knowledge of online business are not taking many benefits from it. The ground reason for this issue is that online business requires a large and expert team for business advertisement and for earning the profit. And acquiring the team of experts and pro for online business is not less than trouble for the business community.

Millegaa team support

Millegaa online shopping platform provides all the exciting facilities along with the expert team to support businesses. With the help of Millegaa, a business owner can boost business activities within no time. The expert’s team will facilitate you in this process by spreading the word of your product to consumer’s smartphones in a specific manner. We focus on adopting divergent and the right techniques for making people aware of your product and business. Millegaa keeps the passion of boosting your business up to 100%, therefore, it has come up with the easy earning and easy shopping platform for all.

Millegaa joins hands with all the business and consumers who want to excel in the online business.

Beginning of Millegaa

Millegaa is going to start its services from the capital city Islamabad and its nearby area Rawalpindi. However, our goal is to provide our best services all over Pakistan so every citizen can get benefit from Millegaa. Join your hands with the largest business growing community, Millegaa, and get unlimited benefits.

Millegaa Services Packages

Millegaa, an online shopping platform offers 3 divergent packages to expand your business:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Each package offers unique features and services. Get your favorite package now and start getting unlimited benefit from all the franchises of Millegaa. These packages will attract new customers on a daily basis that will boost up the sales and will expand the scale of business. Millegaa will assist businesses and will deliver the products to customers by using fast and efficient delivery sources.

Pohnchoo – Exciting feature of Millegaa

The goal of Millegaa is to assist the business community to expand their services and to help the consumers to get quality products and services. Therefore, every strategy and step of Millegaa platform is to create ease for its customers. Pohnchoo offers special facilities on the sale and purchase of property (shop, house, flat, bungalow, etc.) and on the buying and selling of a property on rent.

In this, Pohnchoo will assist in a variety of ways:

  •  Pohnchoo will provide the exact and correct address of the property
  •  It will determine that the given address is right or not
  •  You will get the address details of all the government health institutes
  •  Address details of all government educational institutes
  •  Get all the details of the city famous buildings, business places, plaza, and shops. Along with this, Pohnchoo will tell you
      the timings and the details of all the entertaining and welfare events, their chief guest’s details and much more than

Thus, keep yourself updated about all the events happening in your city with “Pohnchoo”.

Millegaa Awareness Program

Millegaa platform is one of the largest online business platform of Pakistan. It is growing day by day and it promises its customers to spread its wings all over Pakistan within a time frame of one year. It is the best online platform for the business community who wants to grow and expand its services in different cities. Being the largest business platform, Millegaa aims to provide best services with 24/7 support so businesses can get complete details. For assisting the businesses community, Millegaa is working hard and striving to provide the in-depth details of the Millegaa services that can turn your startup into a money-making business.

Special Offers and Gifts

Millegaa platform brings special offers and prizes for its business community and special customers. It announces exclusive offers and gifts from time to time to entertain its customer’s whole year. Some gifts include:

  •  Honda CD70
  •  Honda CG125
  •  Special Gifts
  •  Cash Vouchers
  •  LED Sign Board

And much more.

Become a part of Millegaa and start enjoying unlimited offers, discounts, gifts, and cash prizes.

Your Support and Views

Millegaa considers its customers and business organizations the part of its team. Therefore, it looks forward to the business community and its great customers to share their views and opinions with us. Your opinions matter a lot and will definitely consider it.

Millegaa loves to hear your views and opinions. Share your views and help us to grow as you want!


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